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Ideal house discussion

Seeing as how I’m only a high school senior, there is no way that I’m going to be able to buy a house within the next year or two. However, you can never be too prepared for anything. I’m actually already getting a head start on my retirement, because I already plan on starting a savings account that I’ll save a chunk of my paycheck for. Anyways, I digress. Now is the time to talk about an ideal house, so maybe I can look back on this post in a few years and maybe see how much I changed. Since I was 10, I wanted to be roommates with my cousin because he was essentially my best friend. Long story short, we grew apart and I know realize that he is the exact opposite of the ideal roommate.

I could sort of already tell just by his personality since he’s super unreliable and lacks common sense, but I probably just didn’t want to paint him in a negative light. I would have no issue being roommates with a girl, because I largely keep to myself and as long as she didn’t mind me being there, we could probably also remain friends without constant arguing or debate. Most guys would probably advise against living with a girl but I’m not there to sleep with her or hit on her, I just want someone to share the costs of living with.

It’s unlikely, but we may even bond to some degree over our shared experiences in the same household. One time I was discussing housing with a stranger on the bus, and we were talking about  the pros and cons of living in an apartment versus a house. Turns out this guy works at the best Seattle Restaurant Hood Cleaning Company, so he probably has tons of money to throw around since they have so much business. I wouldn’t mind living in an apartment during my early adult life, but everyone probably thinks the same way an encounters the same issues. Houses can have yards, and they’re bigger and almost necessary for raising children. If I ever have a kid then I’l have to buy a house so we have sufficient living space

House Color Preferences

 Some people like orange houses, but some people think that’s far too flamboyant and attention-grabbing. If you were to change the color of the outside of your house, what color would it be? Don’t factor in costs or anything, just focus on the color. Close your eyes and imagine your dream house, whatever color it may be. Now open your eyes and type a response I guess. One time my friend told me about the time when she was searching for reliable plumbers in sparks nevada and she stumbled upon some nice pictures of purple houses. Some people say that the interior color of a house matters more than the exterior, since you’ll be spending more time inside the house than outside of it. But that’s far too subjective of a question.

That’s like something a politician could semi-answer, but not really answer it at the same time. “I’d like to think that I would enjoy orange, but purple and blue are kind of weird colors.” The feng shui of your interior is also super dependent on whatever you have laying around on the inside of your house. Think about it: if someone walks into a room full of computers, they’re obviously not going to know how much you love to skateboard. Maybe it’s because you don’t actually enjoy skateboarding, who knows. I got an F in mind reading last semester.

There are lots of unused colors for houses, in my opinion. Orange especially gets underused, considering how it’s the best color. You never really see any black houses.

That could be because of the color black’s heat absorption properties, so the inside of your house would probably cook a pizza during the summertime. On the other hand, a house that was perfectly white would likely get dirty extremely quickly. What if all brown houses were actually just white, and they’re just really really dirty? Blue would look good on a house as long as it wasn’t by a lake. The juxtaposition of the water would produce too much blue and ruin the color. Too much of one color actually looks terrible.

Discover The various Advantages Of Staying at a B & B

You could locate a bed as well as morning meal in The Hague, Holland or in Willemstad, Curacao, in Williamsburg, Virginia USA or in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Bed and also morning meals are normally situated in a household area instead compared to the organisation or buying area of a community. Continue reading

Roadtrip 1 Completed and Trip to Chiropractor Needed

Well, we made a big run through California Gold Country, including Sierraville, Sierra City, Downieville, Grass Valley, and Nevada City.  We mostly cruised around all the towns and did not delve too deep into the available properties.  So, it was mostly about environment and whether we felt these would be places that we’d like to retire.  Although the towns are all awesome, we might be running up against the California income tax situation.  So I think we’ll head in other directions.

After the drive, I did notice one thing.  Physically, driving is not as much fun to me as it use to be.  I was stiff for two days and finally broke down and went to my favorite chiropractor for an adjustment.  Dr. Potts was easy to get an appointment with and we discussed chronic back pain issues.  I’ve not had back pain all the time, but when I get it – I truly suffer.  This was one of those occasions.  Guess this stuff gets worse with age because I found myself really sore from a pretty passive activity (driving).

Chiropractor recommends that next time I get out of the car more often.  A little roadside stretching might go a long way towards keeping me out of lower back pain.

By the way, I’ve never been much for chiropractic until now.  The whole crackling my neck thing bugs the crap out of me and seems awfully dangerous.  Dr. Potts says that there is a checklist of things to make sure of before you ever give anyone an adjustment because you don’t want to risk harm.  I hope he’s always right.

Anyway, I digress.  My trip made me really miss my teen days in Downieville.  The drive around town reminded me of days in the river, dating local girls, hanging out in the great swimming holes, and more.  Might have to write some stories about those memories soon.  I’ll let you in on some fun things that happened in those years.

The Search for the Yellow Guesthouse

Well,  the road trips have started as we look for the right town and property to create our Big Yellow Guesthouse.  This week, we’ll drive to Sierra City and Downieville, California to look at potential properties. Continue reading

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